Prioritizing Products Over the Photography

Don’t Make the Mistake of Prioritizing Products Over the Photography

If you have a limited budget for wedding photography, invest the money in the photographer and not the album. If you look for a less expensive photographer so you can have money left over for an album, you will likely end up with low quality results. You are better off with great photos in a shoe box. You can always get an nice album down the road after you win the lottery or get that big raise, but if your photos are bad you are out of luck. One thing I think a bride and groom don’t pay enough attention to is considering the quality of the photography aside from the album and wall prints. Clients get easily excited by the look of the album, the size of the album, or the fact that parent albums are included, or a large wall print, etc. However once the event has taken place and all is said and done the photography can’t be redone and clients will be disappointed if they have wall prints and 3 albums filled with mediocre photography. If clients can only afford the services of an exceptional photographer, with little or no product, at least the day is captured forever in images that inspire and take one’s breath away. Albums or other products can always be ordered when budgets allow, but hire a photographer based on his or her professionalism, integrity and photographic skills. Do not hire a photographer solely based on the biggest package deal they are offering.